90 Days to Success in Grant Writing

ISBN: 9781435455825

"With ever-increasing competition among organizations for donor dollars, developing fundraising skills is the key to survival and success in today's not-for-profit environment. ""90 Days to Success in Grant Writing"" is designed to guide novice grant proposal writers step by step through the basic skills, techniques, and thought processes of a highly successful grant writer. Discover the research and cultivation strategies that lay the groundwork for successful grant applications. Follow the processes of outlining, writing, submitting, and reporting on a variety of typical grant proposals. ""90 Days to Success in Grant Writing"" provides an informative and entertaining read while presenting tools, resources, examples, and thought-provoking concepts in a manner that new grant writers can implement right away to ensure success on the job."

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ISBN 9781435455825
Título 90 Days to Success in Grant Writing
Editorial Cengage Learning
Idioma eng
Sello Cengage Learning
Fecha de publicación 06/09/2013
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