A Gift From James

ISBN: 9780976651987
'D', a Sadistic and Cunning Mistress, believes James may become her ultimate submissive. After a few dates with 'straight' intercourse, she progressively introduces James to sexual servitude, training him by way of increasingly decadent encounters where he learns that her pleasure is paramount, and his is insignificant. Barraged with lengthy periods of sensory deprivation and subliminal messaging, James' mind becomes as malleable as possible, until he's ready for his shocking 'vasectomy'. This novel includes graphic S&M content along with explicit, extreme forced feminization and body modification. Chris Bellows is a master in his depiction of the ultimate male submission to the Superior, Dominant Female. Note: "A Gift From James" is not for the squeamish or those looking for an introductory Femdom novel, but for those readers ready to take a leap into extreme Femdom fantasy.
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ISBN 9780976651987
Título A Gift From James
Editorial Pink Flamingo
Idioma eng
Sello Pink Flamingo
Fecha de publicación 05/08/2001
Libro Protegido DRM
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