A Shaft of Sunlight

ISBN: 9781782130390
Viscount Frome is in love and intends to marry Claribel Stamford, belle of the social set, as quickly as possible. She is young, beautiful, charming, and rich. The only drawback is that he needs the permission of his uncle, the Duke of Alverstrode, before he can propose.The duke suggests a visit to Claribel's home to meet her doting father, Sir Jarvis, a well-known racehorse owner. The duke can get to know Claribel and her father to set his mind at ease. Impressed by Stamford Towers, the duke cannot shake the instinct that something is not right and remains uneasy. He is shocked to discover a sad young woman, Giona, alone watching the sunset over the magnificent gardens. He discovers that she is the niece of Sir Jarvis, but lives hidden away. Horrified by her story of mistreatment, and intrigued by the mystery that surrounds her, the duke offers Giona his protection and vows to uncover the family secret and restore her fortunes. But Sir Jarvis is just as committed to keeping his family secrets buried forever. Two determined men, both used to getting their own way, but this time only one of them can win.
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ISBN 9781782130390
Título A Shaft of Sunlight
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Barbara Cartland
Fecha de publicación 02/11/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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