Autor: Jake Organ
ISBN: 9781908372765
The story is set in the late 14th-century Iberian Peninsula. Friar Adonais stands on the Iberian Peninsula and looks out towards the coast of North Africa, fighting for the strength to go with his inner leadings and follow his destiny that lies beyond that coast. The story observes the young friar as he makes his journey from the peninsula’s southern tip through the Alpujarra to a Gharnata that is feeling a new rise in sectarian tension and is hearing news of violent events across the border in Christian Sevilla. In Gharnata, he meets his childhood friend Miriam in the house of Rabbi Andrew, the spiritual head of Gharnata’s distinguished Jewish population. They agree to share the journey together to her forest community that is on the way to his final destination of the Christian frontier city of Jaen. These young orphan children who grew up as closest friends and confidantes but have blossomed into beautiful adults have a deep and soul-searching time of facing a lot of their confusion over their adult relationship which causes, especially Adonais, to face some of the ghosts of his past.
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ISBN 9781908372765
Título Adonais
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello M-Y Books Ltd.
Fecha de publicación 10/11/2014
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