An Angel on a Harley

Autor: Joan Brady
ISBN: 9788490196656

"Cautious, conservative Molly Driscoll still works at the same Jersey shore hospital in which she completed her nurses training more than a decade ago. When her now-ex-husband, Jason, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Molly tries to convince him to undergo a recommended course of chemotherapy. In spite of their past difficulties, Molly volunteers to take on something that is equally daunting in exchange for her ex-husbands agreement to give chemotherapy a try. She quits her old familiar job, becomes a Travel Nurse, and trades in her nice, safe Honda Civic for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Her assignments take her into the blizzards and biker-barsof New England, the genteel beauty and smoky pool-halls of South Carolina, and the carnival atmosphere of a busy walk-in clinic inKey West as well as to some very surprising and unexplored regions of her own heart. Along the way, Molly experiences a terrifying ordeal with a stranger, tender moments with patients who leave lastingimpressions on her, the possibility of a would-be-stalker,and a fellow Travel Nurse who claims to be an angel. In spite of all her old self-doubts, Molly grows in confidence, proving that though she may not be very good at driving a motorcycle, she is quite good at surviving and maybe even resilient enough to loveagain."

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ISBN 9788490196656
Título An Angel on a Harley
Editorial Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial España
Idioma eng
Fecha de publicación 07/11/2013
Libro Protegido DRM
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