An Introduction to the Eternal Collection

ISBN: 9781782130000
The Barbara Cartland Eternal Collection is the unique opportunity to collect as e-books all five hundred of the timeless beautiful romantic novels written by the world’s most celebrated and enduring romantic author. Elizabethan Lover: Having sailed with Sir Francis Drake, swashbuckling privateer Rodney Hawkhurst yearns for a galleon of his own to plunder the Spanish Main in the name of Queen Elizabeth. He falls for two beautiful sisters. The Little Pretender: In 1750 Scotland, just four years after Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Rising of the Clans, it’s hard to know who’s loyal to the English and who’s faithful to the Stuarts. Seventeen-year-old Iona’s perilous mission is to ascertain whether the Duke of Arkrae, head of Scotland’s most powerful clan, is a traitor. A Ghost in Monte Carlo: Eighteen-year-old Mistral is an innocent abroad in the sophisticated Côte D’Azur, where princes and millionaires mingle in the casinos and sumptuous hotels while others plot to relieve them of their riches. A Duel of Hearts: Just 17, Lady Caroline Faye is the toast of the season when notorious cad Sir Montagu Reversby offers to drive her in his phaeton from London to Sevenoaks.
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ISBN 9781782130000
Título An Introduction to the Eternal Collection
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Sello Barbara Cartland
Fecha de publicación 02/11/2014
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