An Introduction to the Pink Collection

ISBN: 9781908411471
Welcome to the Pink Collection from Barbara Cartland, a new collection of pure romance books from the biggest selling Romantic author of all time. If you enjoy Downton Abbey you will love Barbara Cartland. Book One of Two - The Cross of Love: When Rena's father dies she is alone in the world, forced out of the vicarage that has been her home, with nowhere to go and no money. At the nearby grounds of The Grange, she finds three golden coins, which she hands over to the new young Earl of Lansdale. Book Two of Two - Love in the Highlands: When the Balkan Prince Stanislaus demands an English bride, Queen Victoria sends him Lady Lavina.
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ISBN 9781908411471
Título An Introduction to the Pink Collection
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Barbara Cartland
Fecha de publicación 02/11/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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