ISBN: 9781628573039
In the final remaining days leading up to the new Millennium, 11 priests around the world have been systematically murdered under horrific circumstances within hours of each other. The purpose of these murders is known only to a handful of people on Earth. Many of the world’s Religious dignitaries are urgently summoned to the Vatican, where a "revelation" will be made that may change the course of human history. Gabriel Salmach is a paraplegic, yet lately he has begun to feel different. He is "changing" and finding that not only can he hear the thoughts of those around him, but he can hear the very essence of life itself. Jack Bannerman is a British detective investigating two of the recent murders of priests. Moving slowly through his own traumas, Jack quickly finds that the mysterious events taking place around the world begin to test what little faith in anything he still has remaining. The culmination of these seemingly separate events come together in a terrifying encounter of good versus evil, as Anno-Domini reaches its ending.
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ISBN 9781628573039
Título Anno-Domini
Subtitulo The Christ Parable
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Fecha de publicación 20/10/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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