Constancia Island

ISBN: 9780974289236
Constancia Island, an exclusive Caribbean paradise is a sovereign country designed exclusively for the institution of Female Domination and male submission... where troubled young males, at one time destined for lives of crime, are treated as beasts of burden, pony-boys, not only for the amusement of the island's defacto queen, Lady Constance, but as the island's sole method of conveyance for visitors and residents alike. Lady Constance is assisted in her endeavors by well-trained female descendants of a curious African tribe whose disdain for the male gender becomes the basis for the female hierarchy on the island. Everything at the island has been built and acquired to keep the male beast well-exercised, chaste and servile. Major-domo to Lady Constance, Jasmine, properly trains the submissives, and assists Dr. Reinhold in the ultimate medical modification of the male to keep them subservient, randy and eager to serve their Mistress in any way she desires.
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ISBN 9780974289236
Título Constancia Island
Subtitulo A Femdom Novel
Editorial Pink Flamingo
Idioma eng
Sello Pink Flamingo
Fecha de publicación 31/12/2000
Libro Protegido DRM
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