I have chosen you, forever

ISBN: 9789562468138
I choose you, forever ", it is the result of the work of many years by the Father Horacio Rivas, Sch., with boyfriends, boyfriends and marriage, and the collaboration of monitors marriages dating as an invitation to work in depth preparation for marriage. It allows the couple, through five games, apply the contents through workshops, guided by instructors, and be developing its draft married life with concrete tasks according to their own reality. Every encounter is a central theme that goes along with the active participation of the couple through questions, which will discuss key issues for married life and grasp in depth the commitment that they will get. Maintain over time a happy marriage requires a systematic effort of the partners from the beginning. This makes it possible to make a commitment "forever" grow in love, overcome the complexities of the relationship, starting a family with strong values ​​and capture the richness of God's presence in the family. "I choose you, forever" will also be a welcome tool for who after years of marriage want to enrich their relationship.
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ISBN 9789562468138
Título I have chosen you, forever
Editorial Ebooks Patagonia
Idioma spa
Sello Editorial Nueva Patris
Fecha de publicación 20/11/2015
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