The Marquis Is Trapped

ISBN: 9781908411341
The Marquis of Kexley seems to have everything a girl could want – wealth, good looks, intelligence, athletic prowess – and a title. The only thing he doesn’t possess is respect for the legion of women who throw themselves at him, desperate to claim some of his attention. He firmly believes that the woman that could love him forever, and whom he could love in return simply does not exist. Plagued by debutantes with ambitious mothers who have their eyes firmly set on all he has to offer, the marquis becomes renowned for his relationships with bored society wives. But this time it seems he has sorely misjudged the situation and is horrified when glamorous widow Isobel Heywood, his current lover, softly suggests they should be married. With marriage the last thing on his mind, and cursing himself for getting involved with a woman free to marry, he evades her question by pretending to sleep whilst plotting to escape as quickly as possible. With his prized yacht at his disposal the Marquis beats a hasty retreat from London and makes for Scotland.
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ISBN 9781908411341
Título The Marquis Is Trapped
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Barbara Cartland
Fecha de publicación 02/11/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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