The Planting

ISBN: 9781622120710
David Monroe is the would-be beneficiary of his father's multimillion-dollar enterprise. Avaricious and sadistic, Mr. Monroe creates an evil plot to secure his inheritance by using another human being to sow his seed and bear the children his barren wife cannot. Bodies begin to disappear one after another. Helen Avery, seemingly a victim of these mysterious disappearances, manages to escape the gruesome nightmare and survives. Rescued from the outback of Australia, Helen begins her own investigation of the past, uncovering more and more evidence that ultimately points to David Monroe. Set in 1980?s Australia, The Planting is a chilling novel of depravity and greed, rich with dynamic characters and twisted plots. The author’s other books are Tommy and Jacqui Laughing With Kookaburras, Jasmin and The Nature Fairies, and War Through the Eyes of a Child.
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ISBN 9781622120710
Título The Planting
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Eloquent Books
Fecha de publicación 29/09/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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