Autor: SJ Lewis
ISBN: 9781934349373
When Claudia finally leaves the police force to start her own private investigation agency, her long-time partner and closest friend, Dianne, decides to make their brief vacation together memorable. It starts with a playful three-way between the two women and Dianne's boyfriend, Rom, but quickly escalates when Claudia returns to the vacation bungalow they share, finding Dianne naked and handcuffed. Three more men are with her, ready and waiting, including the very memorable, Sam Pender. The next days are intense, demanding and erotic beyond anything Claudia has experienced - right out the very intimate sexual fantasies she's unwittingly shared with Dianne. She bound, gangbanged, forced to serve all of the men, anyway they choose. When the amazing episode is finally over, Claudia is determined to put the reckless and outrageous vacation behind her: Something she'll never forget, but never do again! Yet, she can't turn off the memories and the powerful effect they have to turn her on. When Sam shows up two years later, just when she is struggling with the most difficult case of her career, she knows what he wants. It's out of the question! And yet, though she tries to keep her resolve and NEVER see any of those men again... Sam gets under her skin and just maybe...
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ISBN 9781934349373
Título Vacation
Editorial Pink Flamingo
Idioma eng
Sello Pink Flamingo
Fecha de publicación 16/07/2013
Libro Protegido DRM
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