War On Grief - Turning Tragedy Into Hope

ISBN: 9780755250547
Neil Leatherbarrow opens with his analysis on grief, which is likened to an enemy who seeks to destroy everything that is important to him. He begins his story with the tragic accident of his daughter, Charlotte, and how he tries to cope with the emotional trauma and struggle with his Christian faith. In the overarching story of his war on grief, Neil has interwoven the story of his childhood, the challenges he faced growing up in a broken family, and how his faith gives him the determination not to let family history repeat itself in his own life. He discovers in the aftermath of his tragic loss that he must start to build an alternate life without Charlotte. Neil answers some tough questions on how his family deals with their loss, relationships with friends, and reveals how his grief becomes a battlefield on which his faith will stand or fall. Driven by his purpose to set up the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation, Neil realizes how this will determine his future. Can he turn his tragedy into hope? This is a compelling story and will inspire you to believe, even in the face of tragedy, you can overcome adversity.
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ISBN 9780755250547
Título War On Grief - Turning Tragedy Into Hope
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Bright Pen
Fecha de publicación 10/11/2014
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