Wayward Angel

ISBN: 9781934349182
Angel Santana tells her tale of spanking desire and anal lust, beginning with her school girl paddlings. Later, the young slut is caught in a barroom raid and sent to Brody Hall Reformatory for Wayward Women, notorious for its strict discipline. At Brody, Angel undergoes ruthless punishment, plus crude and very anal discipline. A natural rebel, Angel both fights her treatment and succumbs to Brody discipline—and the seductive dominance of her handsome caseworker, Tony Casals. Free of Brody, Angel struggles to find a place in her life for her unusual lust.
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ISBN 9781934349182
Título Wayward Angel
Editorial Pink Flamingo
Idioma eng
Sello Pink Flamingo
Fecha de publicación 29/05/2000
Libro Protegido DRM
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