What do I do on Monday morning?

ISBN: 9781628577914
Author Monty Sacher has specialised in the development and implementation of performance improvement systems that have enhanced employee capability in both the private and public sectors for the past 25 years. His book is designed as a daily reference guide that will improve the organizational performance of your business, using the proven Sacher Associates systems. What do I do on Monday morning? lays out a template for performance improvement that provides sequenced and practical daily actions and advice. It can be read as a book, and can then be used as a handy daily reference tool. The guide is designed to sit on your desk as an ongoing reminder of what you need to do to keep your business on track.
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ISBN 9781628577914
Título What do I do on Monday morning?
Subtitulo a daily guide to organizational success
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Fecha de publicación 20/10/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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