What Will Not Kill You…

ISBN: 9781628578003
This memoir is a story as well as a study of sustained resilience. You’ll not find slavery, poverty, or exile in the author’s background. Her distress was not collective but individual, brought on by circumstances that fostered a sleep disorder and depression, which is perhaps harder to survive, yet so common in our society, though hardly acknowledged. Parental negligence, institutional abuse, sexism, addiction, a touch of incest, rejection within the frame of religious, educational, medical, and judicial institutions feature in this memoir covering the first 60 years of the 80-year-old author’s life. The epilogue is a reminder that although adversity can always pounce when least expected, one can retain a sense of accomplishment and regain serenity.
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ISBN 9781628578003
Título What Will Not Kill You…
Subtitulo A Memoir
Editorial PDG
Idioma eng
Sello Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Fecha de publicación 20/10/2014
Libro Protegido DRM
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