Wizards and Warriors

Autor: Jason Darby
ISBN: 9781435455894

With WIZARDS AND WARRIORS: MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME CREATION, you'll learn how to create your own massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, even if you have no previous game design experience. If you have the latest version of the popular MMO program Realm Crafter Pro and some experience with C#, simply follow this step-by-step guide and soon you will be playing a game of your own creation. An approachable, introductory guide for any aspiring game developer who wants to create MMOs, the book will help you understand what an MMO is, learn how to set up servers and clients for your game, discover how to come up with your own game ideas, gain an understanding of how to use Realm Crafter, test your MMO game, and much more. By the end of the book, you'll be ready to start designing and creating your very own MMO game adventure

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ISBN 9781435455894
Título Wizards and Warriors
Subtitulo Massively Multiplayer Online Game Creation
Editorial Cengage Learning
Idioma eng
Sello Cengage Learning
Fecha de publicación 09/09/2013
Libro Protegido DRM
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